About Groogle

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

Groogle is a collaborative code review tool focusing on usability and speed. It provides an intuitive and dynamic cross-platform web interface.

The latest version of Groogle can be downloaded from sourceforge. Groogle is a LAMP application, distributed in both tarball and RPM format.

Features for users

  • Integration with subversion
    Work against live repositories
  • File upload support for individual files and archives
    Supports common archive formats including zip, tar, gzip and bzip2.
  • Pre-commit support
    Upload file archives or patches to apply against live repositories.
  • Post-commit support
    Compare and review branches and revisions already committed.
  • File syntax highlighting
    Support for well over 100 languages and file formats.
  • Figure out which files have changed instantly
    Fast comparison of entire repository trees. Find added, removed and modified files and directories quickly. View differences instantly as a colour-coded tree.
  • Side-by-side comparison of files
    Line and character level diff highlighting. Graphical overview of comparison differences.
  • E-mail notifications
    Notify review participants when a review is raised, closed or requires their action.
  • Reminder e-mails
    Nudge lazy review participants, eliminate abandoned reviews!
  • Supports a wide range of modern web browsers
    Firefox 3+, Internet Explorer 7+, Safari, Chrome and almost anything else webkit based!
  • Online user documentation
    Get stuck? Click help! Extensive contextual documentation on how to use Groogle.
  • Asynchronous repository checkouts
    No browser request hangs whilst your reviewed working copies are checked out! When you begin your review Groogle is fast because it has already done the slow part!
  • Fast friendly cross-platform user interface
    Groogle provides an AJAX powered web user interface supporting multiple browsers and platforms.

Features for administrators

  • Integration with a wide range of authentication mechanisms
    Groogle supports everyhting from a list of usernames and passwords through to authenticating against Active Directory!
  • Supports multiple review types simulateously
    Use a single install to support multiple different teams that work in different ways.
  • Integrated repository authentication
    Supports repositories that require authentication. Optionally allow users to sign in to Groogle and use their credentials to authenticate against global repositories.
  • Lock it down!
    Secure Groogle by restricting the repositories that it will talk to to a pre-defined list of servers and repositories.
  • Enforce secure login
    No plain-text passwords over the wire! Groogle can use an RSA public/private keypair over HTTP or enforce HTTPS for login sessions.
  • Seamless upgrade
    Upgrading from any release to any later release is simple with Groogle. Minimise downtime!